The Nature People: The Journey

The Nature People: The Journey

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This is a series of books by the author Denis Hodson, who has written the tales based on the character creative drawings by his son, Nigel Hodson the artist. The character of Nigel O' Flattery in his first book, qThe Meetingq, was the first choice, because he was the only one who looked more like ordinary people the world over, and not like qThe Nature Peopleq, who were to become part of his life. It could also have been that he was the chosen one, by the Nature People themselves. Maybe, it was because he had extra-large ears. The choice was more likely, because of the fact that all his life he had always had a keen sense of caring, for all creatures and living things. There was no difference in his feelings of kindness towards any creature, whether by nature it was swimming, flying, running or crawling. He was particularly caring towards life growing in the earth because such life, being very vulnerable, had no chance to defend itself from attack. So as Nigel discovered, time was of very little importance to his new found friends. It is now his opportunity to continue his story, before he forgets and it may be lost forever. He thus also realises, that he has become the link between his own people, who are a€œThe Time Peopleq, and these strange a€œNature Peopleq.Ahma pulled the long curtains to the side of each glass door that let in the bright daylight. Leading ... When he returned to the bedroom, Ahma had already started to unpack his clothes and hang them in the tall mirror-like wardrobe. He hadanbsp;...

Title:The Nature People: The Journey
Author:Denis Hodson
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-12-17


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