The Nanjing Massacre

The Nanjing Massacre

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Honda Katsuichi, an investigative journalist for Asahi Simbun, shows in pitiless detail the horrors of the Japanese Army's march to and seizure and capture of Nanjing in late 1937. Unvarnished accounts of the testimony--of Chinese victims and Japanese perpetrators--to the rape and slaughter are juxtaposed with public relations announcements of the Japanese Army as printed in various Japanese newspapers of the time. The bland announcements of triumphant victories stand in bitter contrast to the atrocities that actually took place on the scene. The story unfolds in horror of the Japanese army raping and killing in the so-called heat of battle. Yet by recalling the testimony of Japanese soldiers and reporters who were on the scene, as well as reproducing dispatches by Japanese Army authorities at the time, Honda makes it clear that the atrocities were part of a studied effort directed by the Japanese high command to impress the Chinese people with the power of its army and the folly of resistance. The estimate of at least 100, 000 killed in these military operations is no exaggeration. The Chinese side of the story is based on the author's interviews with dozens of survivors. Based on four visits to China between 1971 and 1989, Honda, along with other Japanese journalists and scholars, reveals the truth of the Nanjing massacre, provoked by the efforts of right-wing Japanese, including, sadly, many government officials, to whitewash the whole incident, even to the point of contending that a massacre never happened. This gripping account of the atrocities and cover-up joins other recent exposes in keeping alive the memory of this shameful event.Honda, an investigative journalist for Asahi Shimbun, shows in pitiless detail the horrors of the Japanese Armya#39;s march to and seizure and capture of Nanjing in December 1937.

Title:The Nanjing Massacre
Author:Katsuichi Honda, Frank Gibney
Publisher:M.E. Sharpe - 1999-01


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