The Myth Of Laziness

The Myth Of Laziness

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One of the most common complaints parents hear is that their child has great potential but is lazy. In the workplace one hears that a colleague is brilliant but just can't seem to deliver on time. Dr Levine believes that in reality very few people are truly lazy. Nearly all 'lazy' children and unproductive adults are in fact suffering from some sort of 'output failure, ' that is, some problem of the mind that inhibits their productivity, despite their good intentions. In this book Dr Levine draws heavily on his years of clinical experience to construct the stories of representative children and adults who failed to be productive for the most common reasons. Too often we focus only on failure but people benefit enormously from recognition of their successes. In explaining outside or environmental factors that can affect productivity, Dr Levine points to the role of parents as well as teachers in identifying a child's weaknesses and nurturing the capacity to deliver, with such practical suggestions as describing the ideal study environment for a child. Whether the problem is manifested in motor breakdown, memory shortfall, verbal problems, lack of mental energy or underlying disorganization, Dr Levine provides a workable solution and dismisses the 'lazy' label.If he prefers, Clint should be permitted to print instead of having to use cursive writing, since for most students printing is less of a drain on memory. a#39; Clint will need extra time on tests in math and whenever extended writing is required. ... Once his math facts become automatic, his use of the calculator can be discontinued.

Title:The Myth Of Laziness
Author:Mel Levine
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-12-11


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