The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript

The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript

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An Oxford student's investigation into his professor's death unveils Milton's hidden meaning of Paradise Lost amidst a trail of conspiracy and murder. Many are calling The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript the qJewish Da Vinci Code.q Is it possible that John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost, the most celebrated poem of English and Christian Literature, is based on Jewish principles? Brimming with intrigue, mystery, and suspense, this new book is a tale of literature, forgery, and religious conspiracy that thrillingly exposes the enigma behind Paradise Lost, whose purpose was to justify the ways of God and explain the moral paradox of evil. This thrilling mystery brings to light Milton's understanding of Pauline Theology and Mosaic Law and incorporates new evidence to explain how Milton could have learned complex Talmudic Tracts and Hebraic interpretations when there were no Jews in England to have mentored him. In this historically accurate book, Libin uncovers the true meaning of Milton's epic poem through Jewish eyes and determines how Milton justifies the ways of God to man.... silver 1999 Ford Ranger Diesel XLT Thunder pickup truck eased its way down Pitt Street and parked a block from the Red Deer Tavern. Three men exited the double cab, checked Sundstroma#39;s Ford, and made their way to the Red Deer.

Title:The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript
Author:Barry Libin
Publisher:Urim Publications - 2014-08-01


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