The Mystery of Indian Hill

The Mystery of Indian Hill

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In 2006, thanks to Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Stock was introduced to the Law of Attraction and quickly became fascinated and set out to learn everything he could about it. He soon compiled what Dr. Robert Anthony calls onea€™s a€œSuccess Universitya€ in his home library. He envisioned one day that his two boys would study the material he had compiled. But after witnessing the sad state of affairs of the current cartoons his sons were watching and the violence that permeates todaya€™s video games, he knew that he didna€™t want to wait until they were old enough to delve into the volume of material he had accumulated. He had to do something now. He made it his intention to find a way to teach his boys and todaya€™s youth the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect-Karma in a new, fun way. In his first installment of a planned ongoing series, Doc introduces us to a€œKarma Boya€ and his ever-faithful sidekick a€œThe Kid, a€ along with a unique cast of characters to teach these universal principles that are not currently taught in our traditional school system but are sorely needed. The story is set on the actual farm that Doc grew up on in our nationa€™s heartland, blending local history and lore while unfolding what he refers to as the Universal Rulebook of Creation. This was truly a labor of a€œlove, a€ as he wanted to give his boys every possible advantage in living the life of their dreams.Karma Boy and the Kid and The Secret of the Ages Doc Stock. KB heard his dada#39;s voice start to turn into Charlie Browna#39;s teachera#39;s voice once again. He looked around, taking in the lay ofthe land as they drove by his familya#39;s farm. There wereanbsp;...

Title:The Mystery of Indian Hill
Author:Doc Stock
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-04-20


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