The Mustard Seeds

The Mustard Seeds

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The Mustards Seeds is a collection of short stories based on well known bible stories but taken from unique perspectives; like Judasa€™ narcissistic attitude as he recounts his valued role in Christa€™s ministry and Petera€™s consuming fear and doubt as he sinks needlessly into the stormy sea. John has added a fun and modern element to these ancient narratives while working hard to capture the real life feelings and emotions behind these peoplea€™s experiences. Perhaps you will find new insight and relevance to Goda€™s word as you experience it anew through the minds and hearts of the Mustard Seeds.Their mother wearily retrieved the whimpering child from the floor slinging him over her shoulder. a€œI dona#39;t like what youa#39;ve become Andrew and ita#39;s time you learned how to share. I just dona#39;t know whata#39;s gotten into you lately. Your friends wona#39;tanbsp;...

Title:The Mustard Seeds
Author:John F. Sills III
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-06-26


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