The Music of World War II: War Songs and Their Stories

The Music of World War II: War Songs and Their Stories

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Merriam Press Military Monograph MM120 (First Edition, March 2013). Some of the most memorable and enduring popular music of the Twentieth Century was written during the Second World War. With patriotism at an all-time high, the war effort became an integral part of the entertainment industry, creating an emotional wartime dream world of heroes, love, remembrance, reflection, and introspection. The Music of World War II tells the stories behind the origins of many of these musical compositions, some of which have survived to become standards still popular today. Contents: Preface; Introduction: The Music of the Second World War; My Sister and I: The True Story; Love, Separation, and Homecoming; Patriotism; Tribute; Military Service; Faith, Hope, and Devotion; Novelty; Epilogue; Acknowledgments; Bibliography. 39 photos and illustrations, bibliography.a€œthis is Worth Fighting For, a€ a song of introspection, lasted beyond the war years with its stirring words, a€œdidna#39;t my folks before me ... gold record) for President Franklin d. roosevelt in 1942. the lyrics told the story of a disabled boy wanting to fight and die for his country. ... Like You and Mea€ in appreciation of our fighting men. not many songs were written about the Americans who would not be coming home.

Title:The Music of World War II: War Songs and Their Stories
Author:Sheldon Winkler - 2015-05-11


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