The Mortgage Game

The Mortgage Game

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From his childhood of factory work in communist Latvia to his current life as one of the Bay Areaa€™s most respected and successful mortgage industry professionals, Manny Kagan has enjoyed a colorful journey to the top.In this fascinating new book, The Mortgage Game, Manny shares not only his amazing life story but also his secrets to finding the best mortgages possible. It all boils down to his trademark a€œFive Csa€a€”Collateral, Capacity, Credit, Capital and Character. Using real-life examples, Manny shows how he was able to overcome the a€œminusesa€ of some of his mortgage- or refinance-seeking clients (and most clients have some minuses) and turn them into a€œpluses.a€ Just about every mortgage lender working today talks about the Four Cs, but Kagan takes it a step further and includes his own signature fifth Ca€”character. This is the one that often makes the difference a€“ and ita€™s the one that helped him become a leader in the industry. In this book Kagan pulls back the curtain and shares details of his own real estate transactionsa€”from the very first house he and his wife bought for their family, to subsequent refinance deals he was able to close on a basket of rental properties. The Mortgage Game is a valuable tool for anyone whoa€™s thinking of investing in real estate or refinancing an existing loan. The Mortgage Game offers up-to-date information on the current marketplace, along with clear explanations of how the market got itself into so much trouble. But this valuable book also offers more a€“ ita€™s the one reference guide every home-buyer needs.It can be extremely frustrating when, toward the end of the application process, something like a late payment pops up. Something like this can drop a clienta#39;s credit score by as much as 100 points and ruin his or her opportunity to get a mortgage. When this happens, we have to start all ... Some borrowers have no credit history, having used cash for all of their prior purchases. While using cash might beanbsp;...

Title:The Mortgage Game
Author:Manny Kagan
Publisher:Advantage Media Group - 2012-10-15


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