The Monte Carlo Method in Condensed Matter Physics

The Monte Carlo Method in Condensed Matter Physics

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The Monte Carlo method is now widely used and commonly accepted as an important and useful tool in solid state physics and related fields. It is broadly recognized that the technique of qcomputer simulationq is complementary to both analytical theory and experiment, and can significantly contribute to ad vancing the understanding of various scientific problems. Widespread applications of the Monte Carlo method to various fields of the statistical mechanics of condensed matter physics have already been reviewed in two previously published books, namely Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics (Topics Curro Phys. , Vol. 7, 1st edn. 1979, 2ndedn. 1986) and Applications of the Monte Carlo Method in Statistical Physics (Topics Curro Phys. , Vol. 36, 1st edn. 1984, 2nd edn. 1987). Meanwhile the field has continued its rapid growth and expansion, and applications to new fields have appeared that were not treated at all in the above two books (e. g. studies of irreversible growth phenomena, cellular automata, interfaces, and quantum problems on lattices). Also, new methodic aspects have emerged, such as aspects of efficient use of vector com puters or parallel computers, more efficient analysis of simulated systems con figurations, and methods to reduce critical slowing down at ighase transitions. Taken together with the extensive activity in certain traditional areas of research (simulation of classical and quantum fluids, of macromolecular materials, of spin glasses and quadrupolar glasses, etc.The phase diagram is extremely complicated, reminiscent of the one of the axial next-nearest-neighbour Ising (or ANNNI) model [114], displaying, e.g., a large number of lamellar, modulated phases [11.30]. Some parts of its phase diagramanbsp;...

Title:The Monte Carlo Method in Condensed Matter Physics
Author:Kurt Binder
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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