The Miracle of Language

The Miracle of Language

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Master verbalist Richard Lederer, America's qWizard of Idiomq (Denver Post), presents a love letter to the most glorious of human achievements... Welcome to Richard Lederer's beguiling celebration of language -- of our ability to utter, write, and receive words. No purists need stop here. Mr. Lederer is no linguistic sheriff organizing posses to hunt down and string up language offenders. Instead, join him qIn Praise of English, q and discover why the tongue described in Shakespeare's day as qof small reatchq has become the most widely spoken language in history: English never rejects a word because of race, creed, or national origin. Did you know that jukebox comes from Gullah and canoe from Haitian Creole? Many of our greatest writers have invented words and bequeathed new expressions to our eveyday conversations. Can you imagine making up almost ten percent of our written vocabulary? Scholars now know that William Shakespeare did just that! He also points out the pitfalls and pratfalls of English. If a man mans a station, what does a woman do? In the qThe Department of Redundancy Department, q qIs English Prejudiced?q and other essays, Richard Lederer urges us not to abandon that which makes us human: the capacity to distinguish, discriminate, compare, and evaluate.To see what Twain accomplished, compare the diction of his book with that of Nathaniel Hawthornea#39;s The Scarlet Letter, published only thirty-five years earlier. Listen first to little Pearl, the small daughter of Hester Prynne: a€œNay, mother, I haveanbsp;...

Title:The Miracle of Language
Author:Richard Lederer
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-05-11


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