The Micro-Doppler Effect in Radar

The Micro-Doppler Effect in Radar

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This highly practical resource provides you with thorough working knowledge of the micro-Doppler effect in radar, including its principles, applications and implementation with MATLAB codes. The book presents code for simulating radar backscattering from targets with various motions, generating micro-Doppler signatures, and analyzing the characteristics of targets. You find detailed descriptions of the physics and mathematics of the Doppler and micro-Doppler effect. Moreover, you learn how to derive rigid and non-rigid body motion induced micro-Doppler effect in radar scattering. The book provides a wide range of clear examples, including an oscillating pendulum, a spinning and precession heavy top, rotating rotor blades of a helicopter, rotating wind-turbine blades, a person walking with swinging arms and legs, a flying bird, and movements of quadruped animals.Computer Simulation of Aerial Target Radar Scattering, Recognition, Detection, and Tracking, Norwood, MA: Artech House, 2002. [3] Mahafza, B., Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB, London, U.K.: Chapman aamp; Hall/CRC, 2000. ... [7] Chen, V. C., a€œRadar Signatures of Rotor Blades, a€ Proceedings of SPIE on Wavelet Applications VIII, Vol. ... [12] Chatzigeorgiadis, F., a€œDevelopment of Code for Physical Optics Radar Cross Section Prediction and Analysis Application, a€anbsp;...

Title:The Micro-Doppler Effect in Radar
Author:Victor Chen
Publisher:Artech House - 2011


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