The MCPL programming manual and user guide

The MCPL programming manual and user guide

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Abstract: qMCPL is a programming language that has been derived from BCPL by the inclusion of features found in ML, C and Prolog. Like BCPL, it is typeless, uses a contiguous runtime stack and has no builtin garbage collector, but it does make extensive use of ML-like pattern matching. The low level aspects of the language resemble those of BCPL and C. MCPL uses its own function calling sequence, however it is designed to allow MCPL and C functions to call each other. Notable features of MCPL are its pattern matching facilities and the simple way in which data structures are handled. This document gives the definition of the language, its library and how to obtain and install the system.qThese reside in MCPL/mintcode/sys and are compiled by the following commands (in the BCPL Cintcode System). c ras ... A postscript version of the current version of this MCPL manual is available from my home page. ... MCPL system compiled into native assembly language, currently for Intel 386/486/ Pentium based machines running under Linux. ... The files of this system should be copied in a 52 12.

Title:The MCPL programming manual and user guide
Author:Martin Richards, University of Cambridge. Computer Laboratory
Publisher: - 1997


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