The Masters Manual -- Chuan Fa Kenpo Close Combat

The Masters Manual -- Chuan Fa Kenpo Close Combat

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For instructors of non-sport martial training, this Master's Manual details 340 duan chuan fa or qShort Fistq extremely aggressive and terminal close range fighting techniques, maneuvers and strategies against specific aggressions. As this is oriented toward seasoned instructors, no photos are included, nor are they necessary with the detailed written directions. This is not qself defenseq material: that is not its genesis and it is patently inappropriate for those who do not train seriously.The techniques present combinations of throws, locks, breaks, holds, chops, kicks, punches and other strikes arranged in 11 levels of belt ranks up to 5th Black, as presently used in the Chuan Fa Kenpo system. Each technique will easily suggest 10 optional and equally effective maneuvers, i.e. these are qseedsq for dynamic, adaptive responses. There has been a deliberate attempt in the Manual's layout to allow room for you to leave tracks as you modify these seminal maneuvers.Kick-boxing remained his chief martial focus until 1970, with the beginning of instruction in Shaolin Kung Fu and Ta#39;ai-chi Cha#39;uan. Studies in Chi-Kung, Kenpo, Xing-I Cha#39;uan and Pa-Kua Chang followed soon after. Sifu Orema#39;s qualifications: anbsp;...

Title:The Masters Manual -- Chuan Fa Kenpo Close Combat
Author:Edward Orem - 2014-04-08


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