The Manager's Guide to Web Application Security

The Manager's Guide to Web Application Security

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The Manager's Guide to Web Application Security is a concise, information-packed guide to application security risks every organization faces, written in plain language, with guidance on how to deal with those issues quickly and effectively. Often, security vulnerabilities are difficult to understand and quantify because they are the result of intricate programming deficiencies and highly technical issues. Author and noted industry expert Ron Lepofsky breaks down the technical barrier and identifies many real-world examples of security vulnerabilities commonly found by IT security auditors, translates them into business risks with identifiable consequences, and provides practical guidance about mitigating them. The Manager's Guide to Web Application Security describes how to fix and prevent these vulnerabilities in easy-to-understand discussions of vulnerability classes and their remediation. For easy reference, the information is also presented schematically in Excel spreadsheets available to readers for free download from the publishera€™s digital annex. The book is current, concise, and to the pointa€”which is to help managers cut through the technical jargon and make the business decisions required to find, fix, and prevent serious vulnerabilities. What youa€™ll learn Executives: Quickly comprehend what the application security team is saying in terms of risk and remediation Security experts: Understand how to express threats in terms of business risk to executives Details about currently relevant vulnerabilities, by vulnerability class and risk level Decision criteria for what type of security audit is required for your environment Downloadable information tables, examples, and reusable forms Information about standards compliance, including appendices that detail relevant standards, such as COBIT5 IT Security, Experian EI3PA Security Audit Standard, and PCI DSS Who this book is for The Manager's Guide to Web Application Security is written for senior executives who have to make business decisions about managing the risk of web applications. Table of Contents 1. Understanding IT Security Risks 2. Types of Web Application Security Testing 3. Web Application Vulnerabilities and the Damage They Can Cause 4. Web Application Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures 5. How to Build Preventative Countermeasures for Web Application Vulnerabilities 6. How to Manage Security on Applications Written by Third Parties 7. Integrating Compliance with Web Application Security 8. How to Create a Business Case Cost for Web Application Security 9. Parting Thoughts A. COBIT 5 for Information Security B. Experian EI3PA Security Audit C. ISO/IEC 17799:2005 and the ISO/IEC 27000:2014 Series D. North American Energy Council Security Standard for Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) E. NIST 800 Guidelines F. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard G. Sarbanes-Oxley Security Compliance Requirements H. Sources of InformationThese processes must include the following: 6.3.1 Removal of custom application accounts, user IDs, and passwords before ... Web applications are also subject to additional controls, if they are public facing, to address ongoing threats and ... Prevent common 153 Appendix B a–i experiAn ei3pA Security ASSeSSment.

Title:The Manager's Guide to Web Application Security
Author:Ron Lepofsky
Publisher:Apress - 2014-12-19


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