The Man You Always Wanted Is the One You Already Have

The Man You Always Wanted Is the One You Already Have

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Hubba, Hubba! Check Out Your Hubby Hea€™s predictable, proverbial, and prone to leaving his dirty clothes in a pile beside the laundry basket. Hea€™s the big lug lying next to you every nighta€“and believe it or not, he is your Prince Charming! But what happens when a man other than your husband begins looking and sounding more appealing? Transform your marriage with the realization that the man you always wanted is the one you already have. Striking biblical insights, combined with Paula Friedrichsen a€™s candid revelations about the inappropriate relationship that nearly destroyed her marriage, will help you see that no man compares to the one you already have. Discover how to: - embrace the differences between you and your spouse, - revel in the freedom of forgiveness, and - draw near to the only Source of lasting fulfillment. Story Behind the Book a€œTwelve years ago, I became romantically, though thankfully not sexually, involved with my then-pastor. This resulted in the churcha€™s devastation and a great deal of harm to both of our marriages. But God used the difficult lessons I learned during that arduous time to reshape my thinking about marriage and to plainly show me that the man I always wanted was the one I already had. By using my own story of failure and forgiveness as a backdrop, this book illustrates how our hearta€™s desire is often found no further then the big lug lying next to us in bed each night!a€ a€“Paula Friedrichsen From the Trade Paperback edition.Angela: Eric, my parents bought us a beautiful new KitchenAid blender for Christmasa€”we don t need that one. ... chrome toaster, a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker thata#39;s missing its carafe, and a Crock-Pot with faulty wiring that he plans to repair soon.

Title:The Man You Always Wanted Is the One You Already Have
Author:Paula Friedrichsen
Publisher:Multnomah Books - 2009-01-21


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