The Making of Modern Romanian Culture

The Making of Modern Romanian Culture

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How do literacy and the development of literary culture promote the development of a national identity? This book examines the development of both a literary tradition and institutions aimed at promoting literacy in Romania in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Alex Drace-Francis combines analysis of education systems, book production, and the periodical press with case studies of key thinkers such as Mihai Eminescu, Ion Luca Caragiale and Titu Maiorescu to trace Romania's cultural and literary development.Already in 1854 the Bucharest bookseller losif Romanov had set up a special branch of his store for educational books, with agents in ten \X allachian provincial towns (Romano 1 997: 39-40). ... of school books and official publications for his success: in his 1868 catalogue are listed no fewer than 1 80 school manuals, of which ... The prestige and success of the few can be judged by the fact that, in 1 884, Gobi was one of the first private individuals in Romania to install a telephone.

Title:The Making of Modern Romanian Culture
Author:Alex Drace-Francis
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2006-02-20


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