The Make It Fun Guide to Poetry

The Make It Fun Guide to Poetry

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The Make It Fun Guide to Poetry takes a clear, engaging approach to the study and enjoyment of poetry, emphasizing that this art form, from its historical roots to its modern expression, is vibrant, fun, and accessible to everyone. Professor Larry Hartsfield uses examples of poetry drawn from nursery rhymes, epics, limericks, folk ballads, and traditional favorites to demonstrate the range of poetry. He explains the various literary devices and tools that poets use in a way thata€™s easy to understand. The book also includes a wide variety of activities designed to make reading and writing poetry fun. This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about poetry. Teachers and students of English and Language Arts, in particular, should find this guide useful and helpful as a resource or as a supplemental text. The simple and direct explanations of technique and poetic devices as well as the range of activities help the reader and student enjoy the study of poetry. Professor Hartsfield presents detailed treatments of the central elements of poetry such as language use, types of poetry, rhythm, meter, rhyme, figurative language, and symbolism. This book will stimulate new ways of thinking about poetry for teachers, students, and writers.The Make it Fun Guide to Poetry presents poetry as something all of us can enjoy. Anyone interested in writing poetry and understanding poetry more deeply will find a wealth of information in this book.Poetry is alive and well today, whether ita#39;s in an advertising jingle, a rap song, a poetry slam, a private journal, a classroom, or on the Internet. ... If therea#39;s anything that makes the human animal unique and different from other living beings, it is our ability to use language to ... Even though we might find ourselves dealing with a bit of nonsense designed to help a child learn, for instance, to count, theanbsp;...

Title:The Make It Fun Guide to Poetry
Author:Larry K Hartsfield
Publisher:Wolfdancer Publishing - 2013-09-13


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