The Make-A-Million Dollars Family

The Make-A-Million Dollars Family

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Dear Parents, Herea€™s the a€˜Book of the Centurya€™ just waiting for you. Your children will love it and you will, too. It helps your children set goals And ita€™s sweet just like honey. Their future will become brighter Because theya€™re thinking big money. This book is inspiring, motivational, delightful, stimulating, and it suggests creativity. It is designed to impart geniusa€™ thoughts into our youtha€™s minds. The idea of owning large amounts of money improves so many situations and circumstances that are real in our childrena€™s lives today. There is hope for each child to have a successful life once they are determined to set realistic goals and exert energy toward improving their future. This book is designed to bring all childrena€™s awareness to the level that their potential and possibilities are limitless, yet, within their reach. Each child is capable of making a million dollars through thoughtfulness, production, hard work and encouragement. Their minds need to stay as positive as possible to eliminate the negativity of criminal street tactics.Carolyn (The Good) Shephard. I 4 .4 )(ua#39; o ~ Aw; I Shit I i Ac~ a#39;Ay *a#39;ja#39; 4a€ Ac~ a#39;Ay_Aya#39;| I , 4!a#39; a€ The Make-A-Million Dollarsa€ parents are excited and happy about all the a#39; _ , decisions made. _ a#39; I g a#39;2* * * * . They discuss more details with their children whileanbsp;...

Title:The Make-A-Million Dollars Family
Author:Carolyn (The Good) Shephard
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-09-09


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