The Maid Of France (Extended Annotated Edition)

The Maid Of France (Extended Annotated Edition)

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The career of Jeanne Darea€”the name usually is written Jeanne d'Arc or Joan of Arc, an absurd equivalenta€”was so extraordinary, her personality was so marvellous, that she has been from the very beginning a constant source of interest to biographers and historians. She figures largely in contemporary records, not always trustworthy, but it may be worthier of credence than some critics have been willing to admit. Lives of her appeared in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the writers of the nineteenth century have been particularly busy with her fame. Every biographer since has owed an enormous debt to Mr. Lang's work. It would be invidious to choose among the recent biographies written by Frenchmen; Mr. Lang cordially acknowledges his own obligations to them. This book is annotated with a rare extensive biographical sketch of the author, Andrew Lang, written by Sir Edmund Gosse, CB, a contemporary poet and writer. Contents: Preface Introduction - The Maid And Theories About Her Chapter I - The Task Of Jeanne D'arc. Political Conditions Chapter Ii - Domremy. Prophecies, Faith, And Fairies Chapter Iii - The First Voices And Visions Chapter Iv - Domremy In Time Of War Chapter V - The Mission Announced. Jeanne At Neufchateau Chapter Vi - The Siege Of Orleans Begun Chapter Vii - Jeanne's Second Visit To Vaucouleurs Chapter Viii - Chinon. The Kings Secret Chapter Ix - The New St. Catherine At Poitiers Chapter X - Jeanne At Tours. March To Orleans Chapter Xi - The Maid's Victories At Orleans Chapter Xii - The Taking Of The Tourelles Chapter Xiv - The Week Of Victories Chapter Xv - The Ride To Reims Chapter Xvi - The Campaign Of Dupes Chapter Xvii - The Failure At Paris Chapter Xviii - The Autumn Campaign Chapter Xix - Jeanne's Last Campaign Chapter Xx - The Last Day Under Arms Chapter Xxi - Captivity Chapter Xxii - The Trial Chapter Xxiii - The Trial (Continued) Chapter Xxiv - The Abjuration Chapter Xxv - The Last Morning In Prison Chapter Xxvi - Martyrdom Appendix A - Prophecies Attributed To Bede And Merlin Appendix B - The Attack On Paris Appendix C - Charges Against Jeanne In Matters Of Fact Appendix D - The Voices And Visions Of Jeanne D'arcBaudricourt had made them swear an oath, she says, that they would guide her well and safely. Thanks to their ... While on hostile ground, taking byways, they had to ford four or five rivers before they reached Auxerre, in AngloBurgundian territory, where they heard Mass. ... make pilgrimages thither, and relate to the clergy of the chapel the miracles by which the Saint had enabled them to escape. Amonganbsp;...

Title:The Maid Of France (Extended Annotated Edition)
Author:Andrew Lang
Publisher:Jazzybee Verlag - 2012


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