The Magellanic Clouds

The Magellanic Clouds

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The Magellanic Clouds--a pair of nearby, satellite galaxies--are caught in a dynamic struggle with each other and with our Milky Way. Given their proximity, these satellite galaxies offer a unique opportunity to study in detail the dynamics and composition of other galaxies. This book provides a comprehensive synthesis of our knowledge concerning the Magellanic Clouds. The author presents the latest understanding of the structure, evolution and dynamics of these satellite galaxies, and draws together wide-ranging observations in the X-ray, far-ultraviolet, infrared and millimeter wavelengths, including results from the Hubble Space Telescope. For graduate students and researchers, this timely book provides a definitive reference on the Magellanic Clouds; it also provides useful supplementary reading for graduate courses on galaxies, the interstellar medium, stellar evolution and the chemical composition of galaxies.They then evolve to the left in the HR diagram to become WR stars and spend the majority of their He-burning lives t* 10- yrl as ... Wolf t1989l has derived = ~ OK Ap 0-25l - t1.33 Ap 0.15lAB, where B is the blue magnitude and AB is the amplitudeanbsp;...

Title:The Magellanic Clouds
Author:Bengt E. Westerlund
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1997


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