The Magazine: The Complete Archives

The Magazine: The Complete Archives

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This ebook collects the nearly 300 stories that first appeared in The Magazine, an independent biweekly periodical for narrative non-fiction. It covers researchers qcrying wolf, q learning to emulate animal sounds; DIY medical gear, making prosthetics and other tools available more cheaply and to the developing world; a fever in Japan that leads to a new friendship; saving seeds to save the past; the plan to build a giant Lava Lamp in eastern Oregon; Portland's unicycle-riding, Darth Vader mask-wearing, flaming bagpipe player; a hidden library at MIT that contains one of the most extensive troves of science fiction and fantasy novels and magazines in the world; and far, far more.Our bond, between car and driver, was unbreakable, like Michael Knight and KITT or B.A. Baracus and his van or Han Solo ... When the tow truck pulled that venerable rusted-out blue hulk out of our driveway for the last time, my only regret was that Ia#39;d never gotten the chance to start the engine. ... Ia#39;d driven our other car in the years since getting my license, a light blue Toyota Camry station wagon that was our third ... I admit it: I initially pooh-poohed the idea of a manual transmission.

Title:The Magazine: The Complete Archives
Author:Glenn Fleishman
Publisher:Aperiodical LLC - 2015-08-12


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