The Mac OS X Conversion Kit

The Mac OS X Conversion Kit

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If you've been using Mac OS 8 or OS 9 and you want to start using Mac OS X Panther today (and we literally mean today), there is no easier way than this ingenious new book from Mac Design magazine's Editor-in-Chief Scott Kelby. Here's how the book works: on the left page, it shows how you did a particular task back in Mac OS 9; and on the right page it shows you exactly how itAis now done in Mac OS X (Panther). It couldn't be easier. The whole book, every page, is in crisp full color, with clear concise, plain-English descriptions that let you start using Mac OS X today, immediately, without having to learn the whole operating system first. It's like having a friend nearby with all the answers--when you get stuck, and wonder qhow to I do that in Mac OS X?q just turn to that task and there it is--the left page shows the old way, the right page shows the new way. If youAire one of those people who believe (like we do) that the best ideas are the simple ones, you'll absolutely love this book! If you want to start using Mac OS X today, if you want to unlock its power, stability, features and fun today, this is the book that will do it. There are no in-depth explanations about networking, no UNIX commands or how to hack the system, and no detailed descriptions of how it all works and why. In short, it's not a qtell me all about itq book--it's a qhere's how to do itq book, and that's why it works so amazingly well. Plus, if you look up how to do a particular task, and Mac OS X offers new features, new shortcuts, or new options that weren't available in Mac OS 8/9 (and there are plenty in Panther), Scott includes those too, using the same right to the point, conversational writing style that made his qMac OS X Killer Tipsq book a smash bestseller! We can't imagine an easier, faster, or more fun way to convert to Mac OS X, and really start using it today.9 to 10 Side by Side, Panther Edition Scott Kelby. QuickTime folder) generally opened .jpg files while SimpleText opened .gif images. Once the images opened, you really had very little control over them, but it was a handy way to see an imageanbsp;...

Title:The Mac OS X Conversion Kit
Author:Scott Kelby
Publisher:Peachpit Press - 2011-09-30


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