The Lung

The Lung

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This unique book provides a concise account, written by world authorities in their fields, of how the mammalian lung grows and matures before birth and how the lungs, and their ability to function well, can be affected by the environment and by genetic factors, both before and after birth. It provides an understanding of the basis of some major lung diseases affecting infants and children. The book also deals with how the lung changes with age, and how the process of lung aging can be affected by the environment. * Discusses the mechanisms that regulate the initial events of lung morphogenesis * Provides a better understanding of the cellular and biochemical events involved in alveolarization * Development of the pulmonary immune system and how the exposure to allergens during development may lead to diseases such as asthmaSchematic diagram illustrating the endothelin-1 signaling cascade in the developing lung circulation. when activated, causes marked constriction. ... Finally, insights into the unique nature of regulation of the DA, especially in regard to smooth muscle cell tone, proliferation and synthetic functions, may provide ... This Page Intentionally Left Blank Developmental Physiology of the Pulmonary Circulation.

Title:The Lung
Author:Kent Pinkerton, Richard Harding, Charles Plopper
Publisher:Academic Press - 2003-11-21


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