The Lost Tomb

The Lost Tomb

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Follow the unusual exploits of the Blackstone family as they travel from the hot deserts of Arizona to the lush forests of Australia finally to Egypt, where the ancients still roam. The father, Dr. Greg Blackstone, a former Spcecial Forces Team Member, is called away to head up an expedition to find the temple that could house the greatest treasure the world has ever known. While searching for this lost tomb, a cutthroat band of drug dealing art thieves, known as Los Lobos, are nipping at the Blackstonesa€™ heels. Dodging bullets and hitmen and avoiding ancient booby traps. . . the Blackstone just chaulk it up to another day on the job. Join the Blackstones as they cruise the Nile, thunder their way through ancient tombs, fight their way through the dusty streets of Cairo and rappel into danger, searching for: The Lost Tomb.... rim of the canyon were already on their way down the hill, and driving toward the boys in a Jeep Wrangler without the top. ... But he hit the ground and rolled underneath the truck, hopelessly ripping his brand new Eddie Bauer Safari Jacket.

Title:The Lost Tomb
Author:Cole Calloway
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-04-01


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