The Little Book of Talent

The Little Book of Talent

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The Little Book of Talent is a manual for building a faster brain and a better you. It is an easy-to-use handbook of scientifically proven, field-tested methods to improve skillsa€”your skills, your kidsa€™ skills, your organizationa€™s skillsa€”in sports, music, art, math, and business. The product of five years of reporting from the worlda€™s greatest talent hotbeds and interviews with successful master coaches, it distills the daunting complexity of skill development into 52 clear, concise directives. Whether youa€™re age 10 or 100, whether youa€™re on the sports field or the stage, in the classroom or the corner office, this is an essential guide for anyone who ever asked, a€œHow do I get better?a€ a€œThe Little Book of Talent should be given to every graduate at commencement, every new parent in a delivery room, every executive on the first day of work. It is a guidebooka€”beautiful in its simplicity and backed by hard sciencea€”for nurturing excellence.a€a€”Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit a€œIta€™s so juvenile to throw around hyperbolic terms such as a€˜life-changing, a€™ but therea€™s no other way to describe The Little Book of Talent. I was avidly trying new things within the first half hour of reading it and havena€™t stopped since. Brilliant. And yes: life-changing.a€a€”Tom Peters, co-author of In Search of Excellence From the Hardcover edition.The Little Book of Talent is a manual for building a faster brain and a better you.

Title:The Little Book of Talent
Author:Daniel Coyle
Publisher:Bantam - 2012-08-21


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