“The Lion Codes IV”

“The Lion Codes IV”

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James Phillips heads to Atlanta, Georgia to write his fourth book! But as it turns out; he didna€™t like it enough to stay! So he heads back home to Floyd County, Virginia for a while before deciding to return to Nashville, Tennessee. While hea€™s there; he gives the first three novels he has written to Carrie Marie Underwooda€™s backup singer Jamelle Fraley to give to her. With a lot of questions still in the balance! Will Big Country give up on his Carrie*Bear before she has even had time to read it! Is William Shakespearea€™s theory really right? That the hottest of loves always end the coldest! Did Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor really have a love that was too big to last? Listen to what Big Country has to say about all of this; and lots more......................... 3)Strange 4) The night that the lights went out in Georgia 5) Turn on your radio 6) Nothing feels as good as letting go 7) I keep on loving you 8)Ia#39;ve got nothingto lose9) ... A Yellow 1955 Chevy Buick Taxi Cab drove Reba right up to the stage.

Title:“The Lion Codes IV”
Author:James Phillips
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-07-31


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