The Lifeboat Strategy

The Lifeboat Strategy

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On every front, 24 hours a day, you and your wealth face threats of an intensity that would have been unimaginable only a few short years ago. A sinister marriage of law and technology has made the pervasive and continuous surveillance that George Orwell warned of a reality. Identity thieves, greedy lawyers and the government have been quick to exploit this fast-evolving global surveillance network: - Data thieves can hijack your PC with easy-to-use hacking tools that even a 10-year old can master. After stealing your log-on passwords, they can drain your bank accounts. - If someone has a grudge against you, he can learn whether you're qworth suingq with a few clicks of a mouse. Hundreds of Web sites offer asset-tracking services to find your real estate ownership records, bank account balances, and much more. - Secret government data mining programs monitor your personal and financial activities 24 hours a day for qsuspicious transactions.q One oversight--becoming friends on Facebook with a suspected terrorist, withdrawing too much cash, unknowingly renting property to someone with a criminal background, etc.--and you could find yourself under arrest and your assets frozen. . Fortunately, you CAN fight back. You can secure your PC to make it virtually invulnerable to hackers. You can legally create international qlifeboatsq of wealth and privacy that are practically invulnerable to snooping. You can understand what the government regards as suspicious ... and avoid raising your profile unnecessarily. The Lifeboat Strategy (2011) shows you exactly what you need to do to counter today's threats to wealth and privacy. It documents today's unprecedented threats to wealth and privacy and reveals hundreds of completely legal strategies to deal with them: private investments, opportunities, and strategies inside--and outside--the United States. And, it's written in language you can understand and put to work to protect yourself and your family. Special bonus report accompanying The Lifeboat Strategy (2011): How to Find Your Own Safe Haven Offshore. In this report, you you'll learn: - The 11 countries best suited for wealth preservation - Which countries offer the most to prospective immigrants? - How to legally purchase a second passport-and why you might want to. - In the current economic crisis, which qasset havensq will survive--or not? As the U.S. dollar collapses and the world moves into fiscal chaos, planning your own qescape from Americaq has never been more important. And this free special bonus report shows you, step-by-step, how to proceed.Instead, contact correspondents individually to let them know of your address change. If you complete the form, forward your mail to a post office box or mail receiving service address, not to your home address. Or, indicate on the form that youranbsp;...

Title:The Lifeboat Strategy
Author:Mark Nestmann - 2011-03-15


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