The Life and Times of a Cold War Serviceman

The Life and Times of a Cold War Serviceman

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This book may be dry in parts, but it is exactly how a serviceman's life unfolds. It may seem strange to some people that your day-to-day existence (daily life) is dictated by pieces of paper. It is not like a civilian that does not have a rigid routine with military precision. In one sense, it gives you a feeling of security, knowing what is laid out for you. On the other hand, it gives you the feeling that someone else is pulling the strings for you to act. As you retain copies of all these orders (paperwork) for your personal files, you have a running (chronological) history of your life. It covers all aspects the good, the bad, and the ugly. It may be hard for a civilian, nonmilitary person, who has not had any exposure to military life, to understand all the paperwork in this book. While reading this book, take a moment to see how different a serviceman's life is compared to a civilian's.MCI 25.1121 Teletype Opel-amt? ... MCS 1-19 Enforcement of Military Law and Order AFM 101-8 Fundamentals of Electronics AFH 52-8 Vol I Electronics Circuit Analysis AF! ... AR BED-Al Control of Cryptomaterial n1 11-5815-200-10 Operators Manual Teletypewriter Seta AN/FGC-20, AN/FGCa€”20X, Ali/Few , and Ali/3684+anbsp;...

Title:The Life and Times of a Cold War Serviceman
Author:Maurice F. Mercure
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-11


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