The Letter F:

The Letter F:

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The Letter F: The Process of Civilly Changing Sex documents and chronicles the actual process of changing onea€™s sex from male to female in the eyes of the state. Further, it opens a political conversation around changing our notion of sex through a functional civil discourse around bodies, identities, and personhood. Containing texts of actual correspondence between the author and both corporations and government agencies, this work details not only the means of a civil sex change, but also the repercussions of the higher-order problems intrinsic to such a metamorphosis. Rigorously honest, combining accessible prose with academic integrity, this work exposes bedrock on which we can build a new platform of basic human rights for all Americans, regardless of sex or gender.The next letter that follows is my communication with Discover card. Now ... It turns out that in order to get a Visa or a MasterCard, a card will not be generated for an individual without a social security number or a taxpayer identification number. ... Leea€ on it, so that I could order anything I wanted to online, and at least have a female name validated by my credit card issuer. ... Services, This letter is a complaint about your customer service policies, specifically referring to an incoming callanbsp;...

Title:The Letter F:
Author:Rosa Lee Klaneski
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-09-28


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