The Legacy of Albert Einstein

The Legacy of Albert Einstein

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This indispensable volume contains a compendium of articles covering a vast range of topics in physics which were begun or influenced by the works of Albert Einstein: special relativity, quantum theory, statistical physics, condensed matter physics, general relativity, geometry, cosmology and unified field theory. An essay on the societal role of Einstein is included. These articles, written by some of the renowned experts, offer an insider's view of the exciting world of fundamental science. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: Einstein and the Search for Unification (625 KB). Contents: Einstein and the Search for Unification (D Gross); Einstein and Geometry (M Atiyah); String Theory and Einstein's Dream (A Sen); Black Hole Entropy in String Theory: A Window into the Quantum Structure of Gravity (A Dabholkar); The Winding Road to Quantum Gravity (A Ashtekar); Brownian Functionals in Physics and Computer Science (S N Majumdar); Bose-Einstein Condensation: Where Many Become One and So There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom (N Kumar); Many Electrons Strongly Avoiding Each Other: Strange Goings On (T V Ramakrishnan); Einstein and the Quantum (V Singh); Einstein's Legacy: Relativistic Cosmology (J V Narlikar); Einstein's Universe: The Challenge of Dark Energy (S Sarkar); Gravitational Radiation OCo In Celebration of Einstein's Annus Mirabilis (B S Sathyaprakash); Albert Einstein: Radical Pacifist and Democrat (T Jayaraman). Readership: Physicists, mathematicians and academics.qIn the large n limit, ln can be approximated by a Brownian motion x(r), whereupon tf becomes the so-called a#39;busya#39; period (i.e. ... It turns out that this Laplace transform can be inverted to give an explicit expression for the pdf [60] 21/3 x0 P( AManbsp;...

Title:The Legacy of Albert Einstein
Author:Spenta R. Wadia
Publisher:World Scientific - 2007


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