The Left Lane

The Left Lane

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The name Tyrone Philpott rings in the streets as being southern Virginia's top dog behind the wheel. Recognized and adored by hustlers for his ability to pimp rides, his carefree lifestyle is disrupted when he shoots his hot at a women who appears to be well beyond his grasp. Telina Harris, a knockout sister with an education and an attitude, is piecing her life back together after getting a divorce from her cheating doctor husband. Scarred an not yet ready for a new man, her one night stand with a charismatic hustler becomes more than what she expected. Despite being a business owner and grandma's boy, Tyrone crosses the thin line between being street and hood. For him, there is nothing more alluring than the chaotic double-edged razor called the hustle. One side is money and recognition and in the other, are the consequences. And these consequences he is all too familiar with....Hop in the drivera#39;s seat, a€ Tyrone said, giving Mike instructions while he opened the Mustanga#39;s hood. a€œBump the ignition switch.a€ Mike turned the ... Tyrone closed the hood and signaled for Mike to scoot over in the passenger seat. He took a soft rag out ... They all had huge aluminum spoilers and body kits, sitting beside their young Asian and white owners, waiting patiently for Tyrone to roll up. They were aanbsp;...

Title:The Left Lane
Author:Keith T. Hodge
Publisher:Delphine Publications - 2012-12


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