The Last Time I Saw You, You Were Naked!

The Last Time I Saw You, You Were Naked!

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At a gala evening dinner dance, lovely thirty-five-year-old Butters announces openly on the dance floor to Slats, The last time I saw you, you were naked. Kevin Slats Slattery, a married middle-aged advertising executive with two children, is certain he has never seen this woman before. He is in a tizzy over her outrageous pronouncement. He wonders if Butters is a hustler, kook, bored housewife, or actress. He wonders which of his friends put her up to this stunt. In spite of how upset he is by Butters' pronouncement, Slats is intrigued by the woman herself a voluptuous female with teasing eyes and a dazzling smile. Soon, Butters and Slats act on their mutual attraction and begin an affair, both cheating on their spouses. Even though Butters has made Slats feel like a man again, he questions his affair and still feels obligated to Terry, his wife of twenty-five years. A humorous romance, The Last Time I Saw You, You Were NAKED! depicts the magnificence of life and delivers the message that adversity can be a powerful motivator. The human spirit can overcome inequities, and individuals can reach within themselves to become survivors. Just add a bit of humor.However, she had learned the ropes quickly and soon became a full-fledged secretary. Her work life started with a manual Royal typewriter that was so tall that the machine was almost as vertical as horizontal. Then came the electric typewriteranbsp;...

Title:The Last Time I Saw You, You Were Naked!
Author:Allan Moore
Publisher:No Free Lunch Inc - 2009-05


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