The Krypton Companion

The Krypton Companion

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Unlock the secrets of the most influential age of Superman's history-when kryptonite came in multiple colors, super-pets scampered across the skies and Brainiac first invaded Earth - in The Krypton Companion, a behind-the-scenes exploration of the Man of Steel's adventures from 1958 through 1986. Writer/editor Michael Eury explores this classic comics era through all-new interviews with fan-favorite Superman writers and artists; previously unpublished and/or immortal artwork by Curt Swan, Neal Adams, Wayne Boring, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Adam Hughes, Nick Cardy, Jim Mooney and others; Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel's qlostq imaginary story qThe Death of Clark Kent;q a roundtable discussion where today's comics pros - including John Byrne, Alex Ross and Mark Waid - discuss the Superman of yesteryear and other revealing features! Plus a (last-page) introduction by Bizarro No. 1 (abetted by Seinfeld writer David Mandel) and a super cover by Watchmen's Dave Gibbons!Oa#39;NEIL: Maybe other writers found that easier to work with, or Julie a€” who was not a very dictatorial guy most of the time a€” maybe he ... Like when the whole big Estes Kefauver/Seduction on the Innocent thing happened in the a#39;50s, most comic-book guys caved in: aquot;Wea#39;re sorry, wea#39;re bad. ... and Imperiex a€” omnipotent , butt-kicking killers and dominators a€” often come in and make it a job for Superman.

Title:The Krypton Companion
Author:Michael Eury
Publisher:TwoMorrows Publishing - 2006


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