The Killing of Karen Silkwood

The Killing of Karen Silkwood

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On November 13, 1974, Karen Silkwood was driving on a deserted Oklahoma highway when her car crashed into a cement wall and she was killed. On the seat next to her were doctored quality-control negatives showing that her employer, Kerr-McGee, was manufacturing defective fuel rods filled with plutonium. She had recently discovered that more than forty pounds of plutonium were missing from the Kerr-McGee plant. Forty years later, her death is still steeped in mystery. Did she fall asleep before the accident, or did someone force her off the road? And what happened to the missing plutonium? The Killing of Karen Silkwood meticulously lays out the facts and encourages the readers to decide. Updated with the authora€™s chilling new introduction that discusses the similarities with Edward Snowdena€™s recent revelations, Silkwooda€™s story is as relevant today as it was forty years ago. For this updated edition, the author has added the latest information as to what happened to the various people involved in the Silkwood case and news of the lasting effects of this underreported piece of the history of the antinuclear movement.Sebring checked the Honda title and noted a November 5, 1974, repair ticket issued by Eskridge OldsmobileHonda. ... A KerrMcGee worker came to Ted Sebringa#39;s later and asked for another sample of the red liquid in the plastic flask with aanbsp;...

Title:The Killing of Karen Silkwood
Author:Richard Rashke
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-08-19


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