The Kaisho

The Kaisho

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From New York Times bestselling author Eric Lustbader, the suspense mastermind behind the smash bestsellers featuring Robert Ludluma€™sa„c Jason Bourne, comes a blockbuster thriller of one mana€™s debt of honora€”and his ultimate destiny. Years ago, Nicholas Linnear, a.k.a. a€œthe Ninja, a€ made a promise to his father: If a man named Mikio Okami ever sought his help, he would respond without question, no matter the cost. Now the time has come to fulfill his pledge. Okami is the Kaishoa€”the boss of bosses of the Yakuza, the Japanese underworlda€”and in his Venice headquarters, he realizes that he has been marked for death. But the identity of the assassin and the inexorable compulsion that drives him are shrouded in mysticism and madness. Honor bound to protect Okami, Linnear is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice: a descent into a chasm of knowledge so potent, of dangers so unfathomable, that even if he survives, he will emerge changed forever.She drove him in her Lexus coupe. ... She knew where all the cop cars were lying in wait along the back roads and the highwaya#39;s service road, ready to pick off speeders. ... and food that appeared to have been prepared at some vast central kitchen that serviced all like-looking establishments in Queens and Long Island.

Title:The Kaisho
Author:Eric Van Lustbader
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2015-02-03


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