The Juvie Three

The Juvie Three

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Gecko doesn't want to go back to Juvenile Detention, but trouble somehow always finds him... Graham qGeckoq Fosse drove the getaway car for a robbery he didn't even know was going down. But that doesn't keep him out of Juvie a€” the worst place he has ever been. It's a place where its inmates, some convicted teenage killers, could easily write an encyclopedia on how to inflict pain. Thankfully, do-gooder Douglas Healy shows up, giving Gecko a chance to swap the slammer for a halfway house lived in by two other young criminals. There are just three crucial conditions a€” the three boys must stay in school and out of trouble, all while staying on Social Services' good side. Or else it's back to Juvie for all of them. But Terence seems bent on getting himself into trouble a€” the boys catch him sneaking down the fire escape, off to pull another heist. If only their fight hadn't gotten physical and Healy hadn't wound up in the hospital with amnesia. If only Gecko wasn't falling for a girl whose dad's best friend was the Deputy Police chief. And that's just the beginning of their problems. One thing's for certain: if the boys are found out, their second chance will be their last...Gecko doesna#39;t want to go back to Juvenile Detention, but trouble somehow always finds him.

Title:The Juvie Three
Author:Gordon Korman
Publisher:Scholastic Canada - 2013-02-01


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