The Islenos of Louisiana

The Islenos of Louisiana

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Louisiana is perhaps best known for its distinctive French heritage, a legacy visible in the street names and architecture around the state. But in the late 1700s, Louisiana fell under Spanish control. Coaxed by promises of new opportunity, thousands of Canary Islanders of Spanish descent relocated to Louisiana, where they established four settlements. Generations of Islenos have overcome the challenges of an evolving American society, as well as the devastation of storms that have ripped through their land. Through it all, the Islenos have preserved their unique heritage, traditions and culture for more than two centuries. This is their history.Baltimore, united the country, inspired the lyrics of a€œThe StarSpangled Bannera€ and prompted the a€œEra of Good ... years before, and Americans, French and Spanish alike all wondered where their allegiance would fall when the dice fell. ... and even though they had taken fairly well to American control, no one was sure if this country was worth fighting for. Whatever their potential misgivings over dying for an American cause, hatred for the British quickly trumped any hesitation or doubt.

Title:The Islenos of Louisiana
Author:Samantha Perez
Publisher:Arcadia Publishing - 2012-06-01


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