The Insider's Guide to Buying a New or Used Car

The Insider's Guide to Buying a New or Used Car

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Become a tougher negotiator and put a winner in the driver's seat - you. This edition offers you even more information and techniques based on the Leons' years of auto buying and selling experience. See how to be a shrewd horse trader - to get what you're after and spend less. Open this book and discover why salespeople have had the upper hand in negotiating; how to figure out what your trade-in is really worth; why it helps to bring a friend to toss a wrench into the salesperson's works; how to look and act the part of the take-me-seriously buyer; the four parts of a purchase, and how to make them occur in the right order; how to spot manipulative tactics, and what tactics you can apply; how to play hardball when negotiating; reasons for getting a new car/reasons for getting a used car; how to buy through a dealers-only auction; how to evaluate a used car; how to get the best deal when selling your car; and when and how to tell it to the judge. You'll also find detailed car-buying checklists to help you stay on course in the heat of the haggling.See Kelley Blue Book Auto Market Report Bonsall, Thomas E. See How to Buy a New Car Broken record strategy, 95, 175 ... timing your buy, 2, 19, 50-51, 70, 73- 75, 97-98 Buying companion, 3, 19, 42-43, 47, 49-51 Calculating affordability.

Title:The Insider's Guide to Buying a New or Used Car
Author:Burke Leon
Publisher:Betterway Books - 1997-03-15


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