The Illuna Paradox: Temporal Shift

The Illuna Paradox: Temporal Shift

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When Galaxies Collide 'Time is clearly being warped out there! I mean take a look at the unstable temporal anomalies popping up all over the damn place! These displaced artefacts could have come from anywhere...or any time for that matter!' No human being has ever been present to experience what would happen when galaxies collide. For thousands of years scientists and astronomers alike have wondered what the effects of the Illuna-Magellanic celestial event would entail. Professor Benjamin Gable and his crew begin to journey through the cosmos on board the spaceship 'Procules' in search of some much needed answers. While many citizens of the Cideen Republic remain ignorant to the perilous effects of the galactic collision, the crew must venture out into the sea of stars to discover the reality of humanity's dire situation. There would be no telling of what other calamities awaited them around the next corner- would humanity be able to survive as a species? Or would they fall into chaos and ruin?a#39;Whata#39;s this Kenny? I thought we said one bottle! Someone has to fly the ship you know!a#39; Gable rounded out, unable to take Haynesa#39; smirking face seriously. a#39;Ah there you are correct good sir! But . . . there is no flying to be done when we are in anbsp;...

Title:The Illuna Paradox: Temporal Shift
Author:Craig Beckham
Publisher:Author House - 2013-11


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