The Icelandic Accord

The Icelandic Accord

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No wars shall be fought that damage the environment. Moral conduct shall be decided by the majority. Energy use shall be confined to renewable natural resources. The three principles of the One Book were meant to unite a world that had been plagued by constant wars, but instead unleashed the fury of The Purges, a society so restrictive, it failed. A calamity leaves over half the world crowded into domes while the other half is a barren wasteland where nobody should be able to exist. Water is the standard measurement for international commerce and trade. Conflicts rise to the surface as the domes demand more of the precious commodity from the water-rich Arctic countries. Skirmish wars break out along the borders of the green belt and a deadly game of monopoly begins within the city-states. In a post-dystopian future, some will prove to be reluctant heroes as they trek through the steamy underworld of cutthroats, liars and thieves. In the days of The Icelandic Accord to survive is all that matters.He finally rose and checked the maintenance cabinet. There were ... Only a light coating of sand rippled over his feet. ... He finished and had reentered the cab just as the digital readout began flashing the fifteen minute warning to shutdown.

Title:The Icelandic Accord
Author:Karla Fetrow
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-09-04


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