The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built

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Stone by clammy stone, the house in the wilderness claws toward heaven, but its long and winding roots are firmly planted in hell. Dark forces possess Jack. When he shows Malcolm his newest acquisition, Malcolm shrugs it off. How could a tiny statue possess mystical properties? But Jack's enormous wealth, once a source of lavish parties and bohemian revelry, is now cause for concern. Jack's unholy obsession with art is a symptom of a growing madness, and Malcolm cannot dismiss it anymore. a€œHe's not well.a€ Malcolm cannot comprehend the true meaning of those words. The drug abuse, the troubling behavior and the violent encounters: all signs that Jack is no longer in control. In dismay, Malcolm watches as Jack spends wildly on new pieces of art, amassing a collection of the rare and bizarre.The house is the final piece of the puzzle. A gargantuan mausoleum, it grows from a mind gripped by dark, exotic desires. Malcolm's dismay becomes bone-chilling horror when Jack's true intent is revealed. Somehow connected to a centuries-old manuscript and a deal made with a devil, the revelation will tear down everything Malcolm knows. In the unsettling stillness of an autumn night, the mammoth structure will unleash its horrifying secret, and on his last visit to the horrifying house, Malcolm may not make it out alive.The Guy Code. Ita#39;s the unwritten legislation that binds us to a code of ethics and dictates how we comport ourselves. The unspoken pact ... The other Rules of Engagement, and no less important or serious than the Hippocratic Oath. The Codeanbsp;...

Title:The House That Jack Built
Author:James M. Campbell
Publisher:James M. Campbell - 2004-10-24


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