The Hog Murders

The Hog Murders

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In the Edgar Awarda€“winning first title of the Niccolo Benedetti series, the celebrated detective hunts a serial killer who is terrorizing a small town In the upstate New York town of Sparta, six people die in three weeks. At first the incidents seem accidental: A highway sign drops onto a car full of teenage girls, an old man falls down a set of stairs, and a boy is struck by a sheet of ice that had been building on his garage. But after each case a note turns up. Someone called a€œHoga€ claims responsibility for each death, and taunts the police to catch him before he strikes again. The deaths have everybody talking, and the local police department is eventually forced to share the case with famous Italian detective Niccolo Benedetti and his protAcgAc, would-be cop turned private investigator Ron Gresham. A painter, ladiesa€™ man, and rule-bending genius, Benedetti views every case as a chance to probe the nature of evil. And with his a€œanalyze and imaginea€ method, hea€™ll pursue the killer both to stop him and to study him.He was about a hundred yards behindthe girls, who werejust aboutto drive under the incomplete structure. ... Buell watched, horrified, as it fell somefifteen feet, corner first, onto the hood of the yellow Volkswagen. The young girl driving ... The steps he should take camelike diagrams to his mind, sharp and clear. Buell raced anbsp;...

Title:The Hog Murders
Author:William L. DeAndrea
Publisher:Overamstel Uitgevers - 2012-12-18


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