The Hermitage Meditation Manual

The Hermitage Meditation Manual

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All you need to know to properly learn how to meditate: a comprehensive 500 page workbook, a complete course for practitioners of Yoga and Meditation. Published by the Dharma Fellowship of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa, the Hermitage Meditation Manual is the key guide used by Buddhist monastics and lay practitioners attending the Fellowship's centers in North America. In an accessible style, the manual explains how to enter the meditative state, deepen that state, how to gain meaningful insights, a how to radically improve life for the better, while pursuing the Path of Awakening.Here are the authentic methods of Calm-abiding Meditation, Love Meditation, a Intuitive Insight a Mindfulness.Chapters cover not only the teachings of the Buddha, but explain the nature of the Human Constitution, the Syndromes of the Personality, the mystery of Double Consciousness, Hatha-yoga, Light-body circuitry, a applied M-t... world with chemical sprays, and everywhere spreading his alien network of roads, track, fences, pipes and electrical wires. ... rising sea levels, peak oil, the spread of new diseases, cancers, viral pandemics, water-shortage, volcanic activity, anbsp;...

Title:The Hermitage Meditation Manual
Author:Rodney Devenish - 2013-06


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