The Handy Biology Answer Book

The Handy Biology Answer Book

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Gene therapy. Forensic DNA profiling. Biochemistry. Biotechnology. Cloning. Stem Cells. Super Bugs. Genetically modified food. Botany. Zoology. Sex. The study of life and living organisms is ancient, broad and ongoing. Biology combines the Greek word for life, bios, with the suffix -ology, or science/study/knowledge of. The new, completely revised and updated The Handy Biology Answer Book, examines, explains, and traces mankind's understanding of this important topic. This handy reference is the go-to guide for students and the more learned alike. It answers questions in plain English on all aspects of human, animal, plant, and microbial biology. It also introduces the scientists behind the breathtaking advances. Easy to use and a friendly reference source, The Handy Biology Answer Book explains the workings of cell structures, bacteria, viruses, fungi, plant and animal characteristics and diversity, endangered plants and animals, evolution, adaption and the environment, DNA and chromosomes, genetics and genetic engineering, laboratory techniques, and much more. From the newsworthy to the practical and from the medical to the historical, this entertaining and informative book brings the complexity of life into focus through the well-researched answers to more than 1, 250 common biology questions, such as a€b What is life? How many different species are on Earth? Why do you need protein in your diet? Why is stem cell research controversial? Do animals suffer from allergies just like humans? What is the Human Genome Project? Why do birds fly in formation? Can the environment affect genes? Whata€™s the difference between antibiotics and antibacterials? Do bacteria get addicted to caffeine? What famous childrena€™s author studied and drew illustrations of fungi? How is a fairy ring formed? What was the historical significance of hemp? How are seedless grapes grown? What is the most expensive spice in the world? What is social Darwinism? What do the numbers inside the recycling symbol on plastic containers mean? Is IQ genetically controlled? What are vitamins and minerals? Why are carbohydrates a major part of the human diet? Can animals suffer from psychological disorders?... 108 ATP, 25 bacterial reproduction, 76 bacterial vs. fungal spores, 104 bacteriophages, 87a€“88 bakera#39;s vs. brewera#39;s yeast, 120a€“21 Barr body, 312 basics of, 35a€“64 benefits of chocolate, 421 biology, 1 bioreactors, 384 biosensors, ... 416 chromosomes, 305 circulatory system, 223 classification of bacteria, 66 classification of fungi, 98 classification of organisms, 11a€“14 classification of protists, 92 cloning, anbsp;...

Title:The Handy Biology Answer Book
Author:Patricia Barnes-Svarney, Thomas Svarney
Publisher:Visible Ink Press - 2014-07-21


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