The Guitar Game

The Guitar Game

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qqThe Guitar Gameqq - The definitive book of guitar instruction and reference guide reveals the Western musical system and the integration of the Blues forming the basis for creative improvisation in the clearest and most simplified teaching ever! Section 1 contains the first two chapters where you will be introduced to the guitar. Section 2 is for the theory of music from notation, time signatures (rhythm is the foundation of music) and key signatures (so everyone can play together) to chord development for harmony. Section 3 is where you'll learn about the qqplaygroundsqq on the guitar. To have defined areas to play in gives great insight into the music and guitar for confidence in your playing. Section 4 is about the rules of the game. Section 5 provides the tools for playing such as chord progressions, key modulation, inversions, intervals and more. Section 6 is the most comprehensive chord book that shows how each chord can be played in five different places on the guitar.To understand this look at Diagram 1A on page 7-4. In the Key of C begin with the root note C and count up the alphabet: C is 1, D is 2 and E is 3. The distance between C and E is an interval of a third. NOTE: always count the root or first note anbsp;...

Title:The Guitar Game
Author:Fletcher Epperson - 2012-12-28


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