The Guilty

The Guilty

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qThe Guiltyq is a critique of contemporary American society, its moral and ethical value systems, which are found to be wanting. The problems are evident: rampant divorce leading to the breakup of families, adultery, child abuse, alcohol abuse, and other drug abuses. However, the greatest wide spread basic evil of our time is greed, capable of spawning its own set of evil motivations. In qThe Guilty, q author Lester Key uses fiction to illustrate several of the most reprehensible behavior trends. He has also laid bare the racial prejudice that, unfortunately, remains in this country. But do not despair; in qThe Guilty, q Key believes he has found the solution to most of our social lack of moral and ethical values. About the Author Lester Key was born in September of 1932 in the picturesque little town of Burksville, Kentucky, on the banks of the Cumberland River. He now makes his home in Tucson Arizona.Junkyard. Dog. Faustine put one leg outside the car, warily, expecting to be attacked at any moment by one of those mean, scruffy guard dogs that they kept around such places, junk yards, and lots of beat- up old cars used to scavenge parts. Although it hadna#39;t rained in ... It was not at all what she had anticipated, but exactly the kind of place her penny pinching brother would use. She should have known.

Title:The Guilty
Author:Lester Key
Publisher:Wheatmark, Inc. - 2011-01-01


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