The Guardians: Power, Life, and Death

The Guardians: Power, Life, and Death

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Sixteen elemental, worldly powers were divided amongst five individuals. All of it for the reason to create a fantasy world and life to inhabit it 'Ab and then to watch over their creations. The five were dubbed the Guardians. Millennia's later, a teenage boy is granted with the powers of the Guardians of Power, Life, and Death and is thrust into the world of the superheroes who are trying to break out of hiding. Amongst the midst of the future, the world-renowned, powerful company of FTI keeps the world running with mysterious CEO's and managers 'Aba€œWell, I dona#39;t know whata#39;s going to happen, but Ia#39;m framing Xanthus and Victor for using that ball with the fancy name.a€ Mortemeo didna#39;t answer. a€œHey, wait, you cana#39; t die on me!a€ Hornsley said. Behind him he heard the medic talking to Xanthusanbsp;...

Title:The Guardians: Power, Life, and Death
Author:Tabitha Rogers - 2010-06


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