The Great Depression in Literature for Youth

The Great Depression in Literature for Youth

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No area of the United States was untouched by the Great Depression, but the severity in which people experienced those significant years depended in large part on where in the nation they lived. While dust choked the life out of Americans in the plains, apples grew in abundance in the Northwest. Unemployment-driven poverty robbed urban dwellers of hearth and home, while Upper-plains farm women traded eggs and chickens like money. This bibliography describes the youth literature and relevant resources written about the Great Depression, all categorized by geographical location. Students, educators, historians, and writers can use this book to find literature specific to their state or region, gaining a greater understanding of what the Great Depression was like in their locale. The Great Depression was a pivotal period in our nation's history. This annotated bibliography guides readers to biographies; oral histories, memoirs, and recollections; photograph collections; fiction and nonfiction books; picture books; international resources; and other reference sources. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) state guides are included, as well as literature about the federal theater, arts, and music projects. A comprehensive listing of museums and state historical societies complement this reference. For readers interested in learning about the Great Depression, this is a must-have resource.This volume examines the Great Depression years beginning with an introduction that describes the fateful stock market crash and uses personal accounts, newspaper reports and photographs to supplement the historical narrative.

Title:The Great Depression in Literature for Youth
Author:Rebecca L. Berg
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2004-01-01


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