The Great American Gun Control Debate (Not!)

The Great American Gun Control Debate (Not!)

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In 'THE GREAT AMERICAN GUN CONTROL DEBATE (Not!), q Mr. Wuest puts gun control under the microscope. He ferrets out the truth, separating fact from fiction. He presents not a qbalanced picture, q but scientific objectivity. What is important is not popular opinion, or qconventional wisdom, q but the TRUTH. What works and what doesn't? What have we already done, and what should we do or do not? We have had some gun control for as much as a hundred years. Has it done any good? Has it worked to prevent crime? Has gun control become a qfree rideq? Or does it cost us dearly? An engineer by profession, Mr. Wuest examines this and more using rigorous testing. Frustrated by the lack of honest debate regarding gun control, Mr. Wuest provides both sides of the arguments. The gun control side is well known; no end of print and air time have been devoted to supporting it. What is the other side, the one we never hear? Is there a downside to gun control? Find out the answers to these and other questions in qTHE GREAT AMERICAN GUN CONTROL DEBATE (Not!): . Mr. Wuest provides a breath of fresh air to a stale debate. We have been stuck in a qgun control rutq for so long that it is questionable if the qtruth will prevailq? Let us all hope so!It can be manual or mechanical, otherwise know as repeating or self-loading. A . 30-.30 lever action, that famous gun in the cowboy movies is a repeater, a Remington 1100 shotgun is self-loading. Fully automatic weapons; machine guns andanbsp;...

Title:The Great American Gun Control Debate (Not!)
Author:Michael E. Wuest
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010


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