The Government Manual for New Superheroes

The Government Manual for New Superheroes

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The government provides manuals for new home-owners and new motor vehicle operators, but what's a new superhero to do? Ka-POW! The Government Manual for New Superheroes rushes in to save the day! The Government Manual for New Superheroes is a hilarious, mock-official handbook that offers thorough, accessible, and completely zany advice for anyone who has always dreamed of donning a skintight spandex uniform and leaping across the rooftops of their cities. Going well beyond tights and capes, this manual provides insight into choosing a name, constructing a costume, choosing the right supertools of the supertrade, establishing a base of operations, maintaining a secret identity, taking or becoming a sidekick, joining a superheroic team, and even finding that special someone who gives meaning to a superhero's life--a nemesis. Extra features include a roster of superhero unions, a registration application, several useful charts and tips, and even a list of other government-sponsored periodicals for further reading. Destined to become a cult classic, The Government Manual for New Superheroes is an essential guide for every aspiring superhero.You have chosen for a protAcgAc someone mature, if rough around the edges, and whether it is for your sidekicka#39;s own safety that you want him or her to stay back and dust the megacomputer, or for your own sanity, you have the final say, andanbsp;...

Title:The Government Manual for New Superheroes
Author:Matthew David Brozik, Jacob Sager Weinstein
Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing - 2009-01-01


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